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Breeding stock

Lambs were born in February and March and will be ready to go in June and July, after weaning and an adjustment period.

Ewe and ram lambs of the following breed types will be available for purchase in 2013:

    1) Purebred registered Katahdin
    2) Katahdin "Mule" (Katahdin x Blackface)
    3) Katahdin "Dairy" (Katahdin x Lacaune

The Blackface component is Hampshire x Suffolk. Lacaune is a French dairy breed that produces milk with high butter fat. They have minimal wool cover.

For 2014, the price for Katahdin and Katahdin Dairy ewe lambs is $300. Katahdin Mule ewe lambs are $250.

Mature ewes (not culls) are sometimes available for sale after weaning.

Ram lambs are blood tested for scrapie resistance and priced according to their genotype.

For 2013, the price of RR Katahdin ram lambs is $450.
The price for QR Katahdin ram lambs is $400.
The price for commercial (untested) ram lambs is $350.

The flock was certified scrapie-free on October 18, 2008.

Lambs for meat

Market lambs are usually available (usually all intact males) starting in June. Check prices at New Holland (PA) to determine the value of market lambs. Farm-fresh lambs usually sell at a premium compared to those sold at public livestock auctions.

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