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The Baalands will breed 31 ewes this fall for the 2015 lamb crop. Most of the ewes will be bred to a new ram: "Lucas," a registered RR Katahdin ram from the Triple L Flock in Waynesboro, Virginia. A few homegrown rams, including a Katahdin (69%) x Lacaune (31%), will be bred to a few ewes.

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Performance. The Baalands is a production-oriented flock, specializing in the breeding of replacement ewe lambs and maternal sires. Selection is on the basis of maternal traits: fertility, prolificacy, mothering ability, milk production, udder conformation, longevity, and easy-care (no shearing, good fleshing, minimal deworming, and minimal hoof trimming). The goal of the Baalands is to raise Katahdins and their crosses for use in profit-oriented sheep enterprises.

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For Sale. Ten ewe lambs from the 2014 lamb crop are still available for sale. All but one are big enough and old enough to be bred. The May lamb could be bred in December.

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Why Katahdins?  Katahdins are a medium-sized hair (shedding) sheep developed in the United States (Maine) in the 1950's. They do not require shearing, crutching, or tail docking. They are more resistant to internal parasites (worms) than conventional wooled breeds. Katahdins excel in reproductive performance, typically producing lamb crops in excess of 200 percent. They can be crossed with rams of any breed to produce replacement ewe lambs and market lambs of the desired type.

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