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The Baalands is a small sheep
farm in Clear Spring, Maryland.

Thirty-seven ewes were bred for the 2024 lamb crop. Lambing began on March 9. Sires included "Danny Boy" ELR 21141 NSIP (Ewe Lamb Right Farm, Dan/Jan Turner; Pennsylvania) and "Bones" USD 21050 NSIP (USDA-ARS Small Farm Research Center, Booneville, AR).  Look at the Katahdin Percentile Report (March 2024) to see where these sires rank in different traits.



Katahdins are a medium-sized hair (shedding) sheep developed in the United States (Maine) in the 1950's. They do not require shearing, crutching, or tail docking. They are more resistant to internal parasites (worms) than conventional wooled breeds. Katahdins excel in reproductive performance, typically producing lamb crops in excess of 200 percent. They can be crossed with rams of any breed to produce replacement ewe lambs and market lambs of the desired type.


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Core values

  • Animal health

  • Animal welfare

  • Good nutrition

  • Performance

  • Efficiency

  • Research-based

  • Profitability

Katahdin sheep


Katahdin sheep

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